alpaca-poo-webFall is the time of year to fertilize paddocks. And what else would we use but our own alpaca poo! After composting the alpaca poo for at least six months, we spread the the manure with this 1960 vintage spreader. Then we re-seed all paddocks with a specially formulated forage fescue.

A Saka Paca Poo
Our A Saka Paca Poo is a fun gift for avid or beginner gardeners! The composted alpaca fertilizer is a very mild, with little odor and can be used on house plants, in home gardens and to make compost teas for all plants. Unlike other animal manures, it will not “burn” plants and can be applied rather carelessly without fussing.

A Saka Paca Poo is sold at the farm and will be available at the Chattahoochee Nature Center’s Holiday Market in early December.