Nicki Deem and Suzanne Reinhart Share Their Alpaca Experience

Saturday, March 28
9 am-Noon
Herd Health: Birthing to End of Life
Nicki Deem
Nicki shares the best herd health practices that every farm should know. All experience is first-hand from her 15 years at Magical Farms.

Noon-1 pm

1 pm- 4pm
Animal Photography: How to Get the Perfect Promotional Photo

Suzanne Reinhart
Photograph your animals to sell! We will go through the process of correct stance, background, and positioning.

Fecal Checks Nicki Deem
Demonstration and hands-on

Sunday, March 29
9 am-Noon
Photoshop Tutorial and Hands-on
Suzanne Reinhart
Learn how to change a background, readjust position, and more tricks to make an almost good photo into a great one! Bring a computer with Photoshop capability and your own alpaca photos to refine as time allows.

Individual Q&A Sessions
Nicki Deem
Available for those not choosing to participate in Photoshop Tutorial.


1-4 pm
Skirting Suzanne Reinhart
Demonstration and hands-on

Halter Training Suzanne Reinhart

Download and return this registration form to reserve your spot today! Contact Carolyn Crafts with any questions at or 770-519-5731.

Registration fee: $125 per person for one day (or $225 per person for both days). Lunches included.

Saturday Dinner Party: $25 per person

About Suzannesuzanne-promotional-photography-exampleunnamed
Suzanne Reinhart was part of the Magical Farms family for more than 10 years. She was the graphic designer/photographer and her work is seen in all of the catalogs and marketing materials including the animal and farm photography. Suzanne designed the Breeder’s Choice Auction as well as the herdsire catalogs. She has taught photography and Photoshop Elements seminars at Magical Farms. She was also involved with skirting fleece and training alpacas of all ages for auction and show. Suzanne resides in Ohio and works in the alpaca industry as a freelance designer/photographer.

About Nicki
Nicki’s conversion from “cow culture” to alpacas began when an alpaca vet needed help holding a cria during a transfusion. Shortly after she was hired at Magical Farms where she spent 15 years guiding the farm toward the best herd health practices and helping to transform Magical into the ultimate alpaca farm.

Nicki worked outside and inside observing closely, questioning constantly, reading voraciously, and always applying common sense. She coordinated on- and off-site breedings. And as a representative of Magical Farms, she worked with veterinarians and students from all over the world.

With the farm closing, she now has the availability to discuss all things alpaca with anyone interested, sharing her years of alpaca experience at one of the largest alpaca farms in the industry. If you want to talk alpaca herd health, she’s your girl!